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Workers Compensation: Your Guide Through A Challenging Process

The Department of Administrative Services (DOAS) insures many people who work for state institutions. If you work for the state and are injured on the job, you may find that getting your claim paid through the DOAS can be difficult.

Attorney Joe Spires formerly worked for the Georgia Attorney General appointed to defend the DOAS. He understands that injured state workers do not get paid or do not receive payments on time due to the volumes of claims that are being administered by the Department of Administrative Services. At Ward & Spires, LLC, we represent injured state workers insured by the DOAS. For a free consultation with an Augusta DOAS claim lawyer, please call 706-250-7797 or contact us online today.

Common Health Care Worker Injuries

Many of the injuries we see come from workers at state hospitals, including the Medical College of Georgia, Georgia War Veteran’s Memorial, Gracewood State School, and Hospital, East Central Regional Hospital, Augusta YDC, and Augusta RYDC. Nurses, doctors, nurses’ aides, and orderlies are at risk for many types of injuries. These jobs require lifting and bending to move patients, which often causes injuries to the back, neck, and shoulders. Because many state health care workers are employed in behavioral health units, patient assaults are also a common cause of injury.

In addition, health care workers may be subject to:

  • Needle sticks
  • Blood or fluid spills
  • Slip-and-fall accidents

We also represent injured workers from schools, the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and other state agencies. Please call our office at 706-250-7797 to schedule an appointment to discuss Georgia Department of Administrative Services claims. Your consultation is free.