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Traffic Ticket Violations And Misdemeanors

If you receive a ticket for speeding or another traffic violation, you may not want to pay the fine. This is the equivalent of pleading guilty or being convicted of the violation. You have the right to contest a traffic ticket. It may save you money in the future by keeping points off of your license.

Ward & Spires, LLC, represents people ticketed for speeding and other serious traffic violations. We are experienced in traffic law defense and know how to get charges reduced or dismissed. For a consultation with an Augusta traffic violation attorney, please call 706-250-7797 or contact us online today.

Your Driving Record Is At Stake

A conviction for speeding can affect your driver’s license. It can also be expensive; the Super Speeder law adds an additional $200 to the fine if you are ticketed for driving 30 miles per hour (mph) or more over the posted speed limit.

Our lawyers represent people charged with most traffic violations, including:

  • Speeding
  • Reckless driving
  • Accidents
  • Driving on a suspended license
  • Driving without insurance
  • DUI

Because most traffic violations are criminal offenses and misdemeanors in Georgia, you may benefit from fighting the ticket. Most violations will add points to your driver’s license and may cause your auto insurance rates to rise.

In addition to paying higher insurance rates, too many points can also result in a suspended license. Under Georgia law, drivers who are over age 21 will have their licenses suspended if they accumulate 15 or more points in a 24-month period. Drivers under age 21 who speed more than 24 mph over the limit can have their licenses suspended for six months if they are convicted or pay the fine. In 2008, the state passed a law that requires a minimum two-day jail sentence for driving on a suspended license. There is also a fine of at least $500 and an additional six months of suspension. Subsequent convictions for driving on a suspended license may result in license revocation.

Please call our office at 706-250-7797 to schedule an appointment with a Georgia suspended driver’s license attorney. The firm accepts credit cards for traffic violation defense.