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Attorney Clay Ward is a former prosecutor who understands that being arrested and thrown into the criminal justice system can be overwhelming. You need an advocate to guide you through the process and argue for your rights.

Ward & Spires, LLC, provides criminal defense representation for a range of state and federal crimes. Our experience in the courtroom and our knowledge of Georgia law allows us to create strong arguments on your behalf. To arrange a consultation with an Augusta criminal defense attorney, please call 706-250-7797 or contact us online. For your convenience, the firm accepts credit cards for criminal defense matters.

We begin a criminal case by finding out what happened from the client. It is crucial that we get all of the facts; even small things may be important to the case, especially in matters of police procedure.

We strive to make the defense process easier for our clients. After reviewing your case, we will be honest about your chances. Our approach includes giving clients the worst-case scenario so they understand the consequences of a conviction. We want to eliminate surprises and give people the information they need to make decisions. In addition, we explain the court procedures and the length of negotiation, plea and trial processes.

Our criminal defense practice includes representation for:

Clay Ward is a skilled negotiator who often works with the prosecutor to find options that may reduce charges or penalties. However, he will also take your case to trial, if that is what you choose.

Please call our office at 706-250-7797 to schedule an appointment with a Georgia criminal law attorney.