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Civil and Commercial Mediation

Mediation is a method of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) that is often successful in many areas of law. While litigation usually increases conflict, one of the goals of mediation is to minimize animosity between the parties. Mediation can also save time and money by avoiding a trial.

Attorney Clay Ward provides mediation services for commercial or civil matters. He is licensed through the Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution and has been a mediator since 2005.

To find out if mediation will work for you, please call 706-724-2640 today.

How Mediation Works

As a neutral third party, a mediator helps the people involved in a dispute find solutions that work for them. Mediators do not have the authority to make decisions; their role is to help the parties work toward their own agreement.

Mediation is much less formal and stressful than litigation, so the parties are usually more relaxed and able to communicate effectively. Under the supervision of a professional mediator, the parties and their lawyers discuss possibilities for resolving their dispute. Successful mediation can resolve disputes without the time and significant cost of a trial.

Mr. Ward’s extensive legal and litigation experience makes him a good choice for mediation. He can mediate cases involving:

  • Property disputes
  • Contract disputes
  • Elder care matters
  • Estate disputes
  • Landlord-tenant disputes
  • Personal injury claims
  • Additional civil matters

To learn more about this cost-effective and efficient solution for commercial and civil disputes, please call our Augusta office at 706-724-2640 or contact us online.