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Stop Creditor Harassment

If you are being threatened with wage garnishment or a creditor is already garnishing your wages, filing for bankruptcy can stop it. Filing for bankruptcy is the most common way that people stop wage garnishment and other types of creditor harassment.

Ward & Spires, LLC, helps people having financial troubles. We can fight wage garnishment and put an end to creditor harassment. You can rely on our lawyers’ knowledge and experience with bankruptcy proceedings. For a free consultation with an Augusta garnishment attorney, please call 706-724-2640 or contact us online.

How Bankruptcy Can Help

Creditors pursue debtors without remorse or regard for their individual situations. You may experience harassment on the job, at home with your family, by mail and by phone. Your wages can be garnished by creditors, collections agencies, the IRS and state taxes. In addition to garnishing your wages, your bank accounts, including joint accounts, may be garnished.

Filing under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy can stop wage garnishment. One of the benefits of bankruptcy is the automatic stay. This puts a stop to all collection activities while the bankruptcy is in progress. Creditors will not be allowed to call you, harass you or garnish your wages. They may not repossess property or file or foreclose on liens during this time.

If a creditor continues to harass you or garnish your wages after you file for bankruptcy, it is considered a violation of the automatic stay. Judges take this matter very seriously. We can begin an adversary proceeding (lawsuit) against any creditor who violates the automatic stay.

Please call our office at 706-724-2640 to schedule an appointment with a Georgia wage garnishment attorney. Your consultation is free.

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